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"We need to come together and work together to get the ball rolling."

This is what a young wahine said when she was interviewed for the Aspirations movie.  Watch the movie and discover what others have to say.

A movie like this has never been done before, so why do it?

The trustees knew doing the same as others would not work.  That is because Waikaremoana moves to the beat of their own drum.  They like to do things their way.  The movie ensures their aspirations are not lost in the negotiation process.

The Aspirations movie premiered at the 2021 AGM at Te Waimako Marae.  On the day whānau shared their aspirations which you can read below.  Later on, the trustees took the movie to Wellington, Rotorua, Tānetua, and Ngatapa to hear what others had to say.  

MĀRIRI - Identity

Our Waikaremoana Identity brings us healing.

Ngāti Ruapani mai Waikaremoana will benefit only when we learn to put our differences aside for the good of a common goal.  This is perhaps our biggest challenge, but when done we stand to gain more, and the healing has begun. 

This is what you told us...

And you wrote down what was important to you.  

  • Local history.

  • Hikoi te marae.

  • Kei te noho tahi tatou me pehea te oranga o Ngāti Ruapani ki konei.

  • Te kohanga reo me ona tikanga.

  • Te Tai Ao, te reo, ko wai koe, no hea koe.

  • Waikaremoanatanga, whenua tipu o nga Ariki Te Uoro, Te Amo.

  • Tamaiti ako i te kainga.

  • Expanding, future, sustainability.

RITENGA - Manaaki

We begin to renew our respect for each other.

Like our taiao we must learn to live in harmony with one another.  But first we must care for the taiao, and this includes making time to sit, observe and learn.  Because when we do this we begin to understand how our taiao survives, regenerates and heals. 

This is what you told us...

  • Rongoa for ourselves. It is our healing.

  • Whanau strengths.

  • Succession plan: mokopuna, tamariki, tai tamariki.

  • Tikana na rakau, korua.

  • Reconnecting whanau, ko te Urewera, te kura huna.

KAHA - Mana

We are strengthened.

We cannot rely on the Crown systems to bring us into a space of prosperity and vibrancy.   It is time for us to re-learn our systems to bring about change that is sustainable and return us back to being prosperous and vibrant. 

This is what you told us...

And you wrote down what was important to you.  

  • Self-determination, oranga, mind, body, soul.

  • Consciousness, maramatanga. Mahi tahi.

  • Authority in who we are.

  • Bring our ways back to life.

  • No deflection, be responsible.

  • Our own systems, justice, health.

  • Rates.